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F9 barge landing 1st attempt results
Hopefully the video equipment on the barge survived and was working. Let’s hope video will be released…stay tuned. UPDATE: Musk has added that “they didn’t get good video of the landing attempt” and  “Ship itself is fine. Some of the support equipment on the deck will need to be replaced.” UPDATE 2: Musk tweeted about the […]
SpaceX Falcon 9 explained in very simple terms
A parody of XKCD’s “Up Goer 5″ called “The BIRD 9″ The Bird 9
Incredible Spinning Saucer Launch
One of my favorite launches in recent memory
India’s new launch vehicle has maiden flight
India’s new launch vehicle GSLV Mark 3 successfully launched from Sriharikota today. As well as a satellite launcher this rocket is capable of launching a crew into space. Today’s flight included a Crew Module Atmospheric Re-entry Experiment (CARE). More on the GSLV Mark 3
SpaceX CRS-5 launch update
CRS-5 Mission has slipped to 6 JAN 2015, a new T-0 has not been published. According to Twitter its a Engine static fire issue and ISS solar beta angle.
Looking out the window during re-entry
Great GIF looking out the window during re-entry (recent Soyuz re-entry) Source video here
SpaceX Barge Landing Location revealed?
According to redditor darga89 the data is extrapolated from the FCC
SpaceX to attempt barge landing next week
Update: Flight changed to 19th During the upcoming Dec. 16th  ISS Resupply mission SpaceX will attempt a first. They will attempt to land the first stage on a landing barge. If successful this will be a giant leap to re-usability. news source here
A Cinema Space Tribute
“Rage against the dying of the light…”
Orion Crew Paper Model
NASA has a great desktop paper model of the Orion Crew Module. Link to Model

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