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Rocket Dungeon Feed

The Original Rocket Dungeon

House of Blues Tetrahedron
Fett Boy V3...that was quick
Fett Boy, V3
Launch Report 2017-8 (NARHAMS)
Water rocket of the day
Fett Boy rebuild, almost done!
Progress of the Fett Boy rebuild
Drag race results are in...
Yup, got paint
Nope, need paint
Fett Boy rebuild
The Fett Boy will live again!
Mercury Redstoned flight report
Launch Report 2017-7 (MDRA)
Recycle, Reuse, Rebuild
The Shai Hulud's facelift is complete
Shai Hulud makeover
Mercury Redstoned rework
Mercury Redstoned post-flight analysis
Launch Report 2017-6 (MDRA)
Mercury Redstoned ready to fly!
Mercury Redstone in the buff
I HATE photoless posts...but...
Build fever (WARNING: photoless post)
Launch Report 2017-5 (NARHAMS)

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