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Mrs. Wilson’s Rocketeers


Mrs Wilson’s 3rd grade class at West DeFuniak Elementary capped their science study of Space Exploration with a fun filled morning of model rockets this past Thursday, May 15th.

During the week leading up to the event, each student was given a Quest Starhawk rocket to construct. Thursday morning the young rocketeers moved to the school’s PE field for the big event.  The storms held out long enough to provide a cloudy but otherwise perfect day of rocket launches with little to no winds.  Twenty-one times the class gave the launch count, 5-4-3-2-1-launch, for their classmates and twenty one times a successful launch was made on an A8-3 motor.  Three rockets were lost to the trees, giving a high rate of successful recoveries as well.


The morning ended with the launch of Mrs. Wilson’s Green Machine.  The Green Machine is a 6’ Estes rocket which gives a very impressive low, slow flight.  Always a thrill to watch.

For successfully building and launching a rocket, the students received a certificate certifying them as official West DeFuniak Elementary Rocketeers.


While being an exciting hobby, model rocketry is an excellent teaching tool as principles of aerodynamics, force, and drag can be taught and demonstrated.

Mrs. Wilson is a member of the South East Alabama Rocketry Society (, a club that meets the first Saturday of each month in Samson, AL, for a fun filled day of rocket launches.  The club extends an open invitation to anyone interested in the hobby of model rocketry.  Visit their website for details.

Rob Wilson

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