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Greg’s Mighty Mo Level 3 Rocket

The Mighty Mo rocket is based on the Mega Nuke Kit from Smokin Rockets which is no longer available. I was able to obtain the airframe, nosecone, motor tube, centering rings and custom cut fins from Dave at Red Arrow Hobbies. Since my Dad loves Theatre Organ Music, I named my Mega Nuke after the Mighty Mo Theatre Organ at Atlanta’s Fox Theatre. I flew the Mighty Mo for my NAR Level 3 Certification at the 2007 Florida Winter Nationals. The flight was sucessful and reached an altitude of 4340 feet. Rick Boyette was my NAR L3CC member.

Project Summary


7.5 Inch


9′ 5″


46 lbs without the motor.


75mm AMW M1350 White Wolf in a 75/6000 Case giving thrust to weight ratio of five to one


4340 feet on the M1350


Dual Deployment with a Giant Leap TAC 24 inch drogue, a Giant Leap TAC-9B with deployment bag for the main and a sixty inch Giant Leap TAC-1 to bring down the nosecone.


Redundant Altimeters. Using a Missleworks RRC2 and a Perfectflite MAWD each with an apogee and main charge plus a Perfectflite MT3G Timer with its own drogue charge set for several seconds after apogee.


The Center of Pressure (CP): is 86 inches from the nose using the Rocksim method giving a stability margin: of 1.9 for the M1350 and nineteen ounces of weight in the nosecone.


7.5 inch diameter phenolic tube from Red Arrow with one layer of Aerosleeves