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  My Favorite Rockets

Mighty Mo

Applewhite 54mm Stealth Beta

Bob’s Big Boy

9 inch Pyramid

Tubular Crayon


4 inch BSD Thor Level 2 Rocket

4 inch BSD Diablo Level 1 Rocket

Applewhite 18 inch Delta Saucer


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My Rocketry Experience

I discovered rocketry when I was 48. I was doing airplanes with my daughter and spending time in hobby shops. My daughter said what about a rocket? I said no we do airplanes not rockets. Then I broke down and tried a rocket. It has been non stop ever since. I quickly found South East Alabama Rocketry Society. SEARS was launching out of Headland, AL. They had several advanced fliers that taught me a lot. So I progressed to the D & E rockets and started flying them on F reloads. I made level 1 cert flight with a BSD Diablo at Lilly GA.

My level 2 rocket was a BSD Thor setup for dual deployment and redundant altimeters. This was good experience with electronics and charges. It flew successful on a J350 at Samson, AL.

So now on to something different. I did a Odd Roc Scratch rockets including Big Boy and a Tubular Crayon. I also got into the Applewhite 18 inch Saucer and 54mm Stealth.

I got introduced to hybrids with the 38mm Skyripper System. I built a Giant Leap Fire Storm 54 which I flew on the H and I hybrids. Later, flew the FireStorm on a J570 for an altitude of 7315 feet.

After the 2006 Florida Winter Nationals I decided it was time for the Level 3 Project. I based my L3 on a Mega-Nuke design by Smokin Rockets. I had the parts supplied by Red Arrow. I decided to name it Mighty Mo in honor of my Dad’s love for Threatre Organ music. The Mighty Mo is an theatre organ at the Atlanta Fox Theatre. The airframe was covered with one layer of Aerosleeves. It has a 98mm motor tube. There are two altimeters and a timer. Rick Boyette was my L3CC member. I flew it successfully on a AMW 1350 White Wolf at the 2007 Florida Winter Nationals. I was blessed to get a center-fold pictures in Extreme Rocketry. The picture was taken by Mark Canepa. I have also had the good fortune to fly the Mighty Mo with M motors at Southern Thunder 2007 and at Samson, AL for SEARS.

Another chapter has been on-board video cameras. I experimented with the Aiptek cameras with some success. Then I got a Oregon Scientific ATC-2K.  I have flown it on my 4 inch AMRAAM and the 7.5 inch Mighty Mo.  The camera did get ejected at apogee on the first flight.  It survived the free fall.

My rocketry experience would not have happened without SouthEast Alabama Rocketry Society(SEARS).  I have many friends there to share rocketry with. I became their president and webmaster. The field SEARS flies on in Samson is a real treasure. Thanks to Mr. Green for letting us launch there.

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I enjoy helping with the SEARS rocketry demos for schools.
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