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DIY BT 70 Deuce’s Wild (2 X 24mm)

This is old post from January/February 2006.  I am still enjoying this rocket.

Cliff Oliver’s 24mm DW on the left and mine on the right.


I got some of this info from a Rocketry Forum thread. The Original Fliskit Deuce’s Wild can be seen here. It is 18 inch BT 60. For BT 70 it is a 135% upscale so the length is 24.375 inches Here are the parts to gather:

BT-70-175 BT70 Body Tubes (Pack of two)

NCB-70DW Nose Cone

Motor Mount

CPL-70-04 Coupler:

Fin Stock 3/16 Balsa 6 inch wide (Hobby Lobby)

Fin Pattern

Paint Wrap

Paint suggestion:

Krylon #1806 Sun Yellow Gloss (Bottom)
Krylon #1920 True Blue Gloss (Top)


RocketJunkie says “E9’s are the best motors for a 24 mm Deuce. I’ve flown mine on D12-5, E9-6, Ellis E12-8 and AT F21-8. I liked the E9 flight the best.” The E9s can hang out of the back.

I built mine with a clear payload bay I got from Apogee components. Here is the DIY 24mm DW compared to the stock 18mm Fliskit on the left.


NASA Spaceman on-board:

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