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Snitch Chad Staging Experiment

At the May 5th SEARS launch I decided to try different combinations of motors to CHAD stage an Estes Snitch. CHAD means Cheap and Dirty.


 To CHAD stage you put the open end of a booster motor directly against the nozzle end of another motor and tape the two together with transparent tape. When the booster motor comes to the end of its burn it will ignite the next motor. Note a booster motor has a delay of zero, like C6-0.

The first combination I tried was a C6-0 to a C6-3. The C6-3 is on top and it is the last motor to burn. To do this, I needed to leave the motor retainer off. So I friction fit the C6-3 into the motor tube by wrapping masking tape around the motor.

The next picture shows the C6-0 to C6-3 boosting. The C6-0 is burning.

The next picture shows the C6-3 burning after the C6-0 has dropped off. The benefit of the CHAD stage is a longer burn time and extra altitude.

I tried a C6-0 to C6-0 to C6-3 and unfortunately the Snitch turned horizontal for the second C6-0 and turned toward the ground on the C6-3. See video here. If Snitch turns horizontal or turns over you won’t be any extra altitude. I then tried a D12-0 to C6-3. The Snitch turned over after the D12-0 and powered to the ground on the c6-3.

The bottom line is the C6-0 to C6-3 is a great combination giving the highest altitude and the others ended up turning before the boost was done. No Snitches were harmed in this experiment.


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