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Southern Thunder 2008 Notes

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

It would be hard to capture all that happened at Southern Thunder 2008. However, I will make some notes. The launch was well attended by SEARS members and friends that have flown with SEARS. Chris Short and family attended. Chris was selling lots of motors. He flew the War Eagle Rocket on a N3300 research motor on Friday and on a N2020 on Sunday.

Chris Short War Eagle on N2020

Chris Short’s War Eagle on an N2020

Clark Word was there taking a lot of videos. I saw Sarah Gifford as well. We learned that Halley Allen of the Auburn USLI Team is engaged to Kerry Huff. She will be attending Georgia Tech this August and Kerry will be working for Huff Construction in Birmingham. The wedding is a couple of years off. By the end of Southern Thunder, Hally, Kerry and Kerry’s Dad, Don, were all Level 2. Chris Crews attended with his family. His Dad, Richard was a big help on recovering rockets. More on that later.  Bob Mullins and Whitney were there. Bob had some bad luck when he fell at the motel brusing his ribs. Daymon Campbell had a big time flying his fleet and he bought a 1/4 Scale PML Patriot for Level 1.

John Hansel had an excellent flight of his 10 inch diameter Nike Smoke on the AMW M1730 Skidmark on Saturday. Unfortunately, the Nike drifted into the woods and it took several hours to locate it. John bought some machetes to beat a way into the woods. Richard Crews spent alot of his time helping in the search and chopped a tree down to free the rocket.

John Hansel's Nike Smoke on AMW M1730 Skidmark

 John Hansel’s Nike Smoke on M1730