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How to get a Good Start on TARC

  • Read the rules on
  • Form a Team of at least three members and a teacher or adult group leader.
  • Fill out an application and send it in by November 30th 2007.  Only the first 750 teams will be accepted.
  • Get started raising money to build up a bank for supplies and transportation.
  • Do research on the web.
  • Join The NARTARC Yahoo Group
  • Read the Model Rocketry Handbook by G. Harry Stine.
  • Ask lots of questions: Jack Kale , Gary GoldenBaum, and Greg Lane  are TARC Mentors.
  • Always follow the NAR Safety Code!!!!!
  • Build some kits to get an idea of how rockets are contructed. 
  • Fly often, pick adequate site to fly for your rocket altitude.
  • It will be worth your drive to come to SEARS launches in Samson AL or the nearest NAR section. The field will handle your larger rockets.  Mentors will be available there. Also, observers are available for qualification flights.
  • Remember your team is responsible for design, construction and flying, not parents or mentors
  • This is only a start but DO START NOW!

Useful Web Links

TARC Team America Rocketry Challenge Homepage
SEARS 572 SEARS 572 Our NAR Section Website
NAR National Association of Rocketry
INFOcentral Comprehensive resource for basic rocketry information
HobbyLinc Source of Rocket kits and Supplies
Apogee Rockets Source of Rocket kits and Supplies. They have a good e-magazine archive of tips on rockets and using RockSim Program
The Rocketry Forum Helpful Bulletin Board and has search feature to pull out tips on any rocketry subject
EMRR Reviews of all kinds of rockets and many tips
Balsa Machining Service Components
JIMZ Plans Source of rocket plans for kits that have been produced.
Pratt Hobbies Egg nosecones
NASA Beginner’s Guide to Model Rockets Introduction to the Physics of Rockets


Handbook of Model Rocketry
by G. Harry Stine
Worth your time to read it carefully!
Model Rocket Design and Construction By Timothy S. Van Milligan Great Book from Apogee Components