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Next Launch Oct 8th and Research Launch Oct 9th

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

The field will not be ready for the Sept 24th Date. So the next SEARS launch will be October 8th in Samson, AL.  There will be a Research Launch October 9th.

The Oct 8th is a regular SEARS launch. We will be launching low mid and high power commercial motors. Setup is at 8:30 the waiver opens at 9:00 and launching usually until 4 PM. Beginners and those interested in Team America Rocketry Challenge are welcome to attend.

The October 9th launch is a Tripoli Research launch in Samson, AL. Tripoli  rules will apply, however anyone is welcome to come watch. You must be a TRA member to fly commercial motors and L2 or above to fly research motors. If people want to mix for a launch, contact Chris Short. The plan is to start flying at 10AM, flying until….

They are additional Research launches planned for:
9 October
4 December
5 February
18 March
27 April