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May 8th 2010 Launch Report

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Alien Invasion Threatens Earth (reported by Russ Roberts)

  The Space Exploration and Alien Research Society (SEARS) responded to an incident on May 8 at Green’s Sod farm in Samson, AL. This location has become famous for UFO sightings and reports of experimental aircraft activity. Numerous alien craft were identified in what can only be described as a mass invasion.

  A Dragonship 7 from the Asteroid Greb Sing was the 1st ship to arrive. A Colonial Viper from the Battlestar Galactica landed safely on a scouting mission. Luke Skywalker crashed his X-wing again, but managed to miss the swamp this time. R2D2 bailed out safely. Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter suffered a CATO from a defective Aerotech propulsion unit.  A Venus Probe that was launched by NASA 37 years ago returned from its mission with an alien hijacker onboard. We saw a brief glimpse of a Space Invader as it was cycling its Warp9 motor. Sneaky aliens flew in a cloaked Stealth spaceship. A total of 8 Snitch saucers with aliens onboard landed at the site.

  SEARS president, Greg Lane, assessed the situation and determined that this was obviously a threat to all life on Earth. Unfortunately, due to recent budget cuts at NASA, we were left on our own to defend our planet. John Hansel called the FAA, and we were granted an airspace waiver. SEARS retaliated against the alien invasion by launching a barrage of missiles, fighters, interceptors and space exploration vehicles.  

  Chris Short supplied SEARS with rocket motors and had a great flight on a new AT Metalstorm. He also flew a high powered two-stage rocket that went out of sight.

  Tom Mac Pherson and Keith Stewart launched an arsenal of missiles from the surplus military store. Tom flew a Strong Arm, Exocet, Phoenix, and Sea Wolf. His X-15 and Satellite Interceptor were shot down by the aliens. Keith flew a Phoenix, Falcon, and an AMRAAM with cow spot camouflage, codenamed MOORAM.

  Kendall Brent flew an ARCAS sounding rocket and also released a Black Arrow fly from his quiver.

  I compromised my journalistic integrity and became involved with a few counterstrikes of my own. Starbreaker left a sparkly trail of comic debris in its wake. My E class Interceptor engaged its Warp drive and never returned from its mission.

  Brave children were recruited to help stop the invasion. Seth Jackson flew a metalizer and a Sting Ray. Bentley Kelly orchestrated many of the Snitch landings and was chosen by random selection to build more aircraft for the SEARS arsenal. Bentley, please come out to our next event to claim your prize. Bentley’s dad, Kerry trained the young cadets and flew a Reliant, Clipper and Sizzler.

 Marty Wiggins flew a Maverick fighter and a Snarky drone. His Shuttle Thang launched 2 space shuttles from 1 booster, a great solution to the NASA budget cuts. Randy Wiggins tried to obliterate their planet with a Big Nuke, codenamed Big Red.  The flight did not go as planned, and failure analysis will surely show that the crash was caused by alien sabotage of the electronic recovery system.

  The situation was beginning to look dire when reinforcements arrived from Tripoli Louisiana. Whitney Richard’s Little Dog barked fearsomely. Eddie Williams’ Pheonix left a fiery trail in the sky. Scott Taylor saved the day with his 65lb XST-3. Words cannot describe the exotic unconventional design of this sleek experimental aircraft, so you will have to see the photos in the SEARS gallery.  This spectacular flight was an awesome show of force that caused the aliens to call off the invasion.

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