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2008 Alabama Aerospace Week at Landmark Park

SEARS supported the Alabama Aerospace week at Landmark Park in Dothan, AL Feb 20 - Feb 24. We provided a Newton’s Law talk and rocket demo flights. The activities at Aerospace Week also included a R/C Airplane demos and landing/takeoff by an Apache helicopter. This year, rain starting on Thursday limited the number of demos. Thanks to Jack Kale, Randy Wiggins and Marty Wiggins of SEARS for doing the demos.

See photos below and more in the gallery.

Big crowd

The crowd on the 20th

Why does this man have an apple on his head?

Jack Kale giving rocket talk

Fatboy takes off

Fatboy lift-off!

Chopper leaving

A real Apache takes off from the park.

Foam plane hovers

R/C Demo

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