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Don’t miss the December 6th SEARS Launch

The next SEARS monthly launch is December 6th in Samson, AL. The event is Drag Race Day. A drag race is two or more rockets launched simultaneously. Challenge anyone to a drag race. Use a green flight card for the drag race so we can draw the winner. It is nice when the rockets and motors are matched to make it fair. But not required. Anyhow I don’t know how you score a drag race but it is fun anyway. We will be also having a Almost Anything Goes Drag Race on the Mass Launcher. Launch any rocket that will fit and fly nicely on our short 1/8 inch rods. Load them up! As always Christmas themed rockets are encouraged for the December Launch. So bring your creation.


Santa Drag Race

Santa Rocket Drag Race

Keith Stewart and the Santa Rocket

Keith Stewart’s Naughty or Nice Santa Rocket

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